Hotels in Tiberias

The city of Tiberias that was built for the Roman Emperor Tiberius, 2000 years ago,
 is a central city in the north and near the Sea of Galilee, opposite the Golan Heights
 and the mountains of Moab in the Kingdom of Jordan and is an ancient crossroads
 for workers from Egypt and Israel to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. This is why the city
 was built with walls that protected it from invaders and invaders. The city was always
 of great importance to the settlement that had not ceased there since the time of King
 David and later after the invasion of the Romans and the period of the Tanaim of the
 Talmud. About 500 years ago it was even renewed by Dona Gracie who invested a lot
 of money in rebuilding the city

The distance of the city to the Sea of Galilee, which has always been a source of attraction
 for vacationers who came to enjoy the sweet water of the lake, has made the city a resort
 city with a large number of hotels spread along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the city

 itself, where a large number of hotels are built with a large quantity Of rooms are available
 to thousands of visitors coming to hotels in Tiberias

In the city you can find a number of attractions that complement the perfect vacation,
 such as the Tiberias Hot Springs, sailing on the Sea of Galilee, water slides in a very
 large number such as the water park, Guy Beach, Golan Beach and more. Also, another
 strong source of visits are the hot springs at Hamat Gader, located a few kilometers from
 the city which attract a large number of people who deserve to enjoy the attraction or
 health and spa treatments in place